Bot Analytics: Flow Analysis, Dashboard & Funnels

Startup Feature Release: Flow Analysis

Everybody loves flow analysis, so we added a simple to use flow to our bot analytics, including reverse flow. See predefined analysis in action.

You usually have complex conversation trees within your bot. Analytics is key when you want to understand how well your processes are designed.
In the flow analysis click through the node items, see immediately where users drop off, with accompanied metrics like visits and exits, in absolute and percent.

Also the reverse flow can be analyzed: search for a specific node item, begin from behind and analyze how users came to there.

On the predefined dashboard you can use all events and note items in the visualizations like trend or pie chart. Just click on the row, column or the single item in the table to visualize them.

For each process you can set up funnels including calculated conversion rates. Just click on the funnel to visualize it. To see the details just click in the funnel name in der table.

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