The Form Bot – forms can be intelligent, too

The Form Bot is our latest artificial intelligence bot I would like to introduce to you.

Check out the video to see how the Form Bot is working. Below you also find the description how the form bot works.

Please imagine the following use case:
A user visits the website of his software dealer. He has a running contract for a software and has to pay annual bills for it. Now he wants to know when he will receive his annual bill for his account.

He wants to place his inquiry fast via the online contact form. He does not want to call the call center where he will be put on hold for several minutes.

So the user navigates through the website and finds the form by himself. The form looks like a standard form that appears on millions of websites. No bot is visible yet.

The user fills in the form with his inquiry. The Form Bot actively listens in the background and when the bot identifies an issue, he provides the solution with click on the “send” button.

The Bot shows up, the form expands, and a chat interface becomes visible. This chat interface has become familiar to the user, he immediately understands and gets into interaction with the bot.

If the user needs more information or wants to be contacted by a real human, he can continue the chat. Otherwise the issue is solved and the bot did his job: he converted and prevented one more form request from the company.

Why is it important that the bot is hidden inside a form and the user has to find the bot by himself?

Because the user is rewarded for his effort in a way he did not expect. The machine is waiting to support the user unless the user expresses the willingness for help. The user makes the first move – this is the key to success of the bot. Now the user accepts the fact that he communicates with a machine.

Our bots are organic in their usability. Organic means that they are part of something, they are built into something, for example they are built into a form like this.

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