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In recent years, we have planned, implemented, measured and improved many projects in the area of personalization & chatbots (conversational interfaces).

Personalization is much more than “other customers also interested”. Customer-specific recommendations & offers on the basis of profile data enable touchpoint to individualise your customer experience across the board. But the best recommendation is often “locked up” in small teaser boxes that silently display 4 products next to each other to the customer.

On the other hand there are chatbots with conversational interfaces, which can offer the customer a highly dynamic experience, but with their purely text-based appearance bring weaknesses in the areas of visual presentation, branding and usability.

With Guided Web we have created a system that combines the advantages of the individual mechanisms. A seamless customer experience from website/shop with dynamic content and an interactive role for the customer via the Conversational Engine.

The seamless embedding of the Recommendation Engine makes it possible to play out recommendations as images, text or buttons – depending on the context or customer requirements.

The engine can accompany the customer and support him in his search for products/information – but it can also guide him through more complex processes such as booking or closing a sale.

Guided Web opens up a completely new dimension of creative customer experience and simultaneously optimizes processes such as returns handling.

Guided Web Video

A user enters the website of his favourite furniture company via mobile phone. The user sees a welcome message that introduces the navigation concept to him. Also a chatbar at the bottom line and familiar chat symbols are shown to the user. This chat usability is familiar to the user, he immediately understands his options. During the whole session the standard mobile navigation menu is visible in the top right corner and offers the option to use the standard and familiar navigation.
Alternatively, the website of course also can display just the home screen with the chatbar at the bottom line without introduction text, any use case is feasible.

Ok, the user types in his inquiry and Guided Web starts the conversation. The website behaves like a chat interface that always shows the latest chat. The complete chat history is always accessible through the user via scrolling.
The product tiles of the desired products or in case the user just mentioned a general product category – products of a specific category are displayed.

The user can wipe through the product tiles. To encourage the user to continue the chat, Guided Web shows activating messages to the user like “What do you think?” and also offers visual support how the user can continue the chat.

The user now refines his initial search and Guided Web shows the appropriate products. With click on a product tile the product detail page opens up and the user can always close the view by clicking on the familiar X symbol in the top right corner.

If the user wants to know some more background information about the product, he can ask and guided web checks the existing product information or the available information about the products manufacturer company.

And not to lose the focus, guided web offers buttons to go back to where the user came from – the product detail page. It is possible to enter goals or conversions so that guided web leads the customer back to the defined path to reach the goal. For example: in our case the goal is to sell a product. When a customer has already shown interest in a product, Guided Web offers ways to go back to the product, if the user loses focus. This of course just happens for defined actions like product related content search or search for a specific payment provider.

Back on the detail page by just scrolling to the top, the user can proceed and shop the product. He puts it into the cart and proceeds to the checkout. Guided Web shows the cart including a call to action to proceed with the purchase of the product.

Again, the user can always leave the process at any time and ask questions that are not related to the latest action. Guided Web does not lose the focus!

Guided Web knows the products of the company and has also a powerful recommendation engine inside.
Guided Web acts like a one of a kind onsite search to search for products, content or FAQs etc. Guided Web supports also the weirdest search combinations like “I am looking for red sneakers made of leather in size 40 for my wife from Nike to max. 100€ for Christmas”.

This sentence contains loads of information and I will introduce the mechanism how Guided Web deals with this information in a separate video.

Because Guided Web is connected to the company´s backend systems like order & return management, product information system, customer management system and so on, it can also support typical sales service or call center tasks like to give an order status update to the user or show the user how he can return a broken product.

Guided Web is fully integrated into the company’s website and connected to all relevant backend IT systems.
Guided Web turns the website of a company into one single touchpoint for all customer inquiries. Guided Web is the website.

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